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A couple's weekend in Brussels: Day 3

It's the last day of our couple's weekend in Brussels, so we treat ourselves to a guided tour of Brussels and an unmissable comic book visit with Tintin!


Brussels, the capital of Art Nouveau

After a copious breakfast, we're ready for an original guided tour with a guide from the Voir et Dire Bruxelles (See and Hear Brussels) association.


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From the range of choices available we decide to go on an Art Nouveau discovery tour of Brussels. We couldn't really miss this opportunity to round of our stay! We set off in search of architectural masterpieces by Victor Horta and Paul Hankar. This original architecture is prefectly at home in Brussels!


After having strolled around the city, we stop to have a bite to eat before continuing on our route. As it's our last day, we want to round of the trip in style!


Paying a Sunday visit to the father of Tintin and Snowy

Brussels is also the capital of the comic book, and the birthplace of ou dear friend, Tintin. We decide, therefore, to head out of the city a bit and visit the Hergé Museum. Direction Louvain-la-Neuve. Its so easy to get to! First we call the museum to find out the bus timetables. If he can come and get us from the hotel that would be perfect! But if not, nevermind, it's only 35 minutes away by train. Let's go to Louvain la Neuve!


The museum's architecture is impressive. Inside, we plunge into the heart of the work of one of the 20th century's best artists: Hergé, father of Tintin and Snowy, but also the master of the "ligne claire" drawing technique. The scenography is remarkable and the visit is a passionate lesson in art.


Only a few kilometres away is another original and charming venue, the Fondation Folon set in the heart of the 220ha Solvay domain. Aside from the exceptional setting, there is almost 40 years of Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon's artworks to admire in the La Hulpe castle. Watercolours, engravings, sculptures, silkscreen prints... It's a fantastic view into this very gifted artist with multiple talents.


Unfortunately though, it will have to be another time, as we need to catch our train back into Brussels where we will start to make our way home.


We've both really enjoyed our couple's break! It's been a wonderful three days, next time we'll bring our children, they'll be delighted to explore and discover Brussels!