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UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, alive and exceptional


Come share and dive into these traditions, festive rituals that the people of Brussels and Wallonia are very proud of. UNESCO events that are not to be missed!

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08/2015 > Ducasse of Ath - Vespers, Gouyasse and the Procession of the Giants (ATH)

The Ducasse of Ath is a UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity which takes place on the 4th weekend of August....
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05/2015 > Saint-Faicre Folkloric March in Tarcienne (TARCIENNE)

Traditional march in honour of Saint Fiacre, which celebrates the start of the folkloric marches of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse....
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06/2015 > Saint-Roch Folkloric March in Châtelet (CHATELET)

The origins of the folkloric march of Saint-Roch can be found in a 17th century pilgrimage during which the image of Notre-Dame of Rome was carried to the monastery of Soleilmont...
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06/2015 > Saint Peter and Saint Paul Folkloric March in Florennes (FLORENNES)

Florennes invites you to share a wonderful moment: the folkloric march in honour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Its heritage is recognised by UNESCO!...
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07/2015 > Saint-Christophe Folkloric March (HANZINELLE)

The Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse Folkloric March in honour of Saint Christopher.Origins of the Napoleonic Marches...
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08/2015 > Saint-Lambert Folkloric March in Certfontaine (CERFONTAINE)

The Saint-Lambert Napoleontic Folkloric March on 15th August - 1st Empire. 400 participants....
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