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Calendar of carnivals

The majority of our carnivals take place in Wallonia. Binche, Malmedy, Stavelot are among the most famous... each celebrates the end of winter in their own way.

To best prepare yourself for carnival, hesitate no longer and check our calendar of carnivals:

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03/2015 > Folklore and Tradition at the Villers-la-Ville Carnival (VILLERS-LA-VILLE)

Be a part of a traditional and pleasant carnival with a fabulous decor nearby: the ruins of Villers-la-Ville! On 01 and 02/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Carnival - Folklore and tradition in Kain (KAIN)

Discover and appreciate this family carnival which unites children and adults around the floats and local brotherhoods. In Kain, on 01/03/14!...
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03/2015 > 8th edition of the Oruro carnival in Brussels (BRUXELLES)

Experience a special carnival that's full of colours, art and tradition. Exoticism and atmosphere await you in Brussels on 01/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Carnival of the "Grosse Biesse" (MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE)

This carnival originates from a little character called Gugusse. Learn more about him in Marche-en-Famenne on 01 and 02/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Cwarmê Carnival in Malmedy (MALMEDY)

The Cwarmê is a carnival that translates into 4 days of public joy. Come and celebrate the 556th edition in Malmedy, from 01 to 03/03/14....
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03/2015 > Carnival in Binche - the Gilles of Binche (BINCHE)

The Carnival of Binche is a UNESCO masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage. Over 900 Gilles await you in Binche from 02 to 04/03/14....
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03/2015 > "Tchesse aux Macrales" Witch Hunt in Ermeton (ERMETON-SUR-BIERT)

Folkloric parody of the often one-sided trials of suspected witches in the 16th century. Fun and self-deprication are guaranteed in Ermeton on 02/03/14....
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