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Calendar of carnivals

The majority of our carnivals take place in Wallonia. Binche, Malmedy, Stavelot are among the most famous... each celebrates the end of winter in their own way.

To best prepare yourself for carnival, hesitate no longer and check our calendar of carnivals:

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03/2015 > Carnival in Binche - the Gilles of Binche (BINCHE)

The Carnival of Binche is a UNESCO masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage. Over 900 Gilles await you in Binche from 02 to 04/03/14....
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03/2015 > Children's Carnival - Folklore and traditions in Hastière-Lavaux (HASTIERE-LAVAUX)

Take part in this Children carnival where adults, of course, are more than welcome too! In Hastière-Lavaux on 04/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Carnival and Parade in Dinant (DINANT)

8th Dinant carnival. Admire the large parade, the costumes and the locals celebrating in the presence of Dinant's giants! On 06/03/14....
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03/2015 > Folklore and Tradition - Carnival in Nivelles (NIVELLES)

One of the most eagerly awaited folklore events of the year! A large colourful carnival, and four days of festivities, in Nivelles from 08 to 11/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Carnavô - Carnival, Folklore and Traditions in Vaulx (VAULX)

Discover this fun, traditional and folkloric carnival which offers a little extra: every year it changes theme! In Vaulx on 08/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Large Bonfire in Falisolle (FALISOLLE)

With more than 1070m³ in 2013, the bonfire of Falisolle, a municipality of Sambreville la chaleureuse, was the largest of the large bonfires. In Falisolle on 08/03/14!...
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03/2015 > Children's carnival - Folklore and traditions in Ophain (OPHAIN-BOIS-SEIGNEUR-ISAAC)

This carnival started 31 years ago with 5 agricultural tractors pulling floats decorated in flowers and garlands. Discover it in Ophain on 08/03/14....
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