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Chocolate beauty treatments in Wallonia

A chocolate massage is an irresistible indulgence, and it will soften your skin too! So why not treat yourself to some chocotherapy in Wallonia? It’s great for both men and women.

© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez

Enjoy the benefits of chocolate

Did you know that cocoa contains natural antioxidants which have a beneficial effect, both psychologically and on the circulation?

Yes it’s true: it’s been proved that cocoa contains energising nutrients which will recharge your batteries and give you a natural lift.

And cocoa butter, a natural fat, softens, nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin, and is also anti-ageing.

Fancy some chocotherapy?

Then come for some pampering in one of the many wellness centres in Wallonia that offer chocolate beauty treatments.

Le Spa du Quartier Latin

Château des Thermes

La Compagnie des Indes