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Discoveries and ecotourism in Brussels


Culture, leisure and things to see... sustainably

You sometimes find it where you wouldn’t expect it: sustainability is gradually taking root in the city, in the form of technologies, educational attractions, ethical shops and environmentally friendly spaces and leisure activities.

The 'Eco-dynamic enterprise' label is a mark of official recognition in the Brussels Capital Region denoting that good environmental management practices have been implemented by a leisure company or activity provider.

Discover the museums and places with the label:


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Two stars


Ancienne Belgique (BRUXELLES)
Eco-label Ancienne Belgique concert hall

The Maximilien Park's Farm (BRUXELLES)

Eco-label Nos Pilifs Farm

Brussels Urban Transport Museum/Tram Museum (WOLUWE-SAINT-PIERRE)
Eco-label Brussels Public Transport Museum

Guided tour of the Opera Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels (BRUXELLES)
Eco-label Royal Monnaie Theatre

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One star

  Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels (BRUXELLES)
Eco-label Museum of Natural Science

Other museums and leisure activities are involved in the sustainable development initiative: follow the guide...


Magritte Museum - Royal Museums of Fine Arts
The renovation and development of the building meet strict ecological criteria. Photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on the roof, the building is supplied with guaranteed green electricity, heat reduction film has been applied to the windows, and the modernised lighting also saves a great deal of energy.

Cantillon Brewery - Brussels Gueuze Museum

Since 1999 all of its beers have been made from organically farmed grain, earning all its drinks the ‘eco-guarantee’ label.

The Brussels Mill and Food Museum is dedicated to the world of milling, from its origins to the present day. Since 2009 it has also been holding temporary exhibitions on the theme of food.

The Planetarium of the Belgian Royal Observatory, one of the largest planetariums in Europe, is a magical place where you can discover the beauty of the stars in the sky.

art)&(marges Museum

‘Art en Marge’, now called the art)&(marges museum displays work by artists who are not part of the official cultural circuit.

Le Sortilège (the Spell), an Outdoor Adventure Game in Brussels

Le Sortilège is a big outdoor adventure playground for both young and old with fun activities, many of which call on the players’ resourcefulness and team spirit.

Visites guidées

Numerous companies now offer sustainability tours, so you can discover the city in a completely original way. For example: ‘Mouth-watering Brussels! Mmm…’.
See and Tell in Brussels, guided city tours


When you visit Brussels, why not make your trip that little bit more authentic and different by hooking up with one of our ‘Greeters’? These volunteers, who are all either natives or residents of Brussels, offer tailor-made tours for individuals, families or groups. Depending on your tastes and interests, they will show you little-known districts, local curiosities, their favourite eateries and the best places to shop. These tours are a great way of meeting the locals, and will leave you with lasting memories and the feeling that you know more than most about this charming city.


Aiming to inspire wonder as well as make us aware of the impact that the things we do every day have on the environment, the team offers a multitude activities on two sites: activities for schools, internships or even guided tours.

Apis Bruoc Sella asbl, miel de Bruxelles
The number one objective of this association is to encourage the development of the Nature element of the ‘sustainable city’ and ‘sustainable development’ concept. Another of its aims is to promote an integrated beekeeping policy for the city.

Le Port de Bruxelles
The Port of Brussels is the second-largest inland port in Belgium. It’s a seaport which can accommodate ships weighing up to 4,500 tonnes.

Guided cruisesare regularly organised at the Port of Brussels, into the city or towards Hainaut, by both Brussels by Water and La Fonderie.
Brussels by Water


This small artisan brewery is proud of the fact that it still makes beer in the traditional way, unfiltered, unpasteurised, and free from all additives, using only the finest quality raw ingredients.