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Coming up in Brussels and Wallonia in the next few days

All you need to know about this week's events in Belgium in one place... request a programme!

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02/08/2015 > Clermont Festival welcomes a host of artists (THIMISTER-CLERMONT)

Spend a delightful Sunday in an artistic manner in the streets, gardens, alleyways and homes in the rustic village of Clermont-sur-Berwinne on 03/08/14!...
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02/08/2015 > Man of Spy Day (SPY)

Learn how cave dwellers cut flint and made fire, weapons and tools. In Spy on 03/08/14!...
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02/08/2015 > Bièrez-vous? Festival - Beer-based event in Schaltin (SCHALTIN)

Be a part of the first edition of this festival dedicated solely to the world of beer! Free entry, in Schaltin from 10am on 03/08/14!...
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06/08/2015>08/08/2015 > Flammes! Theatrical walk in Bomal (BOMAL)

Theatrical torchlit walk through the Bomal woods with different sketches featuring historical stories and legends from the region from 07 to 09/08/14!...
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06/08/2015>30/08/2015 > International Sculpture Meets in Sprimont (SPRIMONT)

On this occasion, a large number of sculptors selected by a jury will work on a 0.5m³ block of granite rock in Sprimont from 06 to 31/08/14!...
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07/08/2015>09/08/2015 > Gouvy Jazz & Blues Festival (GOUVY)

Experience one of Belgium's oldest jazz festivals and has hosted many big names. In Gouvy from 01 to 03/08/14!...
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07/08/2015>08/08/2015 > ReggaeBus 2014 - Belgium's only Reggae-dub festival! (BRUXELLES)

Try out a unique festival, that is entirely dedicated to reggae-dub music! In Brussels, on the Tour & Taxis site on 29 and 30/08/14!...
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