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Chefs' recipes
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
Cooking lessons
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
Chocolate wellness
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
La Ferme Gourmande®
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Bistrot de Terroir®
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Gourmet shopping
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Gastronomic and culinary experiences

Wallonia, Taste the Difference is the occasion to experience Walloon regional produce and cuisine in a different way. In a way that awakens all the senses

© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez

The gastronomic experiences are many; rich in emotion and unique.

So set off on your voyage of discovery

New places for gourmet shopping, restaurants, celebrated chefs and recipes, handed down over generations and an inherent part of Wallonia’s culinary tradition, all await you. 

The gourmet farms and “bistrots de terroir” serving regional dishes will be pleased to welcome you for a taste of their fine produce.

An ethereal restaurant in a cavern, a cabin nestling in a tree and many other unusual places are also here to be discovered. 

You can also try your hand at some of Wallonia’s traditional preparations

Why not brew your own beer or learn to cook with beer… or with bio produce if you prefer...

Indulge yourself in a chocolate massage au chocolat.

Your children can discover the origins of the regional produce as they explore a farmyard, kitchen garden or the abundance of nature. They can experience all the fun of harvesting, picking, tasting and savouring.

Experience The Flavours of Wallonia from the inside!