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Visit Wallonia's caves

Wallonia has more than 15 caves open to the public. Their stalactites and stalagmites make them a perfect destination those who love caving or are simply curious.


The Caves of Han or the Neolithic mines in Spiennes, listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, are among the most well known.

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Les Amis De L'homme De Spy Asbl - the Man of Spy’s Friends (JEMEPPE-SUR-SAMBRE)

The cave of the Man of Spy, one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in Europe, overhangs the valley of the Orneau River, a tributary of the Sambre River...
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Neolithic flint mines in Spiennes - SILEX'S Mons (SPIENNES)

The neolithic splint mines in Spiennes, a listed World UNESCO heritage site, and the brand new SILEX'S interpretation centre await you only 6km from Mons....
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One of the oldest underground cavities in Belgium dug by the 'Eau Noire' river about 300 million years ago!...
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Open to the public in 1912 and in 1924 equipped with fairy-like lights. This jewel of Liège is divided into two parts...
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The Abîme Cave, classified as an underground cavity of scientific interest, is situated on the hills of the village of Comblain-au-Pont in the Liège province.This cave has the...
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The Caves of Goyet Archaeological Site (GESVES)

The Caves of Goyet are an exceptional archaeological site in Belgium which you can visit, just a few kilometres from Namur. Located in the hollow of a 90 hectare limestone...
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Unique in Belgium, the underground sandstone quarry is an example of the local economic activity at the beginning of the 20th century...
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