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Calendar of carnivals in Belgium in 2015

Get plenty of ideas for carnival 2015 in Belgium. Browse our calendar of carnivals, Laetares and cavalcades in Wallonie and Brussels.

Carnival festivities in Belgium have forever been anchored in folklore and tradition. The Carnival of Binche and its Gilles have no reason to envy the famous carnivals of Rio, Nice or Venice. The "Cwarmê" of Malmédy and its Haguète take you on a journey of discovery of Wallonia's carnivals. The Blancs Moussis carnival in Stavelot is an unmissable event for the local population.

The carnival parades are best experienced with friends or family throughout Wallonia, with floats, confetti cannons and all sorts of colourfully costumed, masked and face-painted characters. Traditionally, the carnival period starts with the carême, on Shrove Tuesday. Carnival offers everybody the possibility to let their hair down and celebrate while waiting for the end of this festive period.

Discover below our selection of events to celebrate carnival in Wallonia and Brussels:

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25/01/2015>28/06/2015 > "An Upside Down World" - Exhibition in Binche (BINCHE)

"An Upside Down World: Carnivals and masquerades of Europe and the Mediterranean" at the International Mask and Carnival Museum, from 25/01 to 28/06/15....
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28/03/2015>30/03/2015 > Carnival - Folklore and tradition in Genappe (GENAPPE)

Discover a small town and its carnival. They may be small in stature but they make up for it with heart and emotion. In Genappe, from 11 to 13/04/14!...
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03/04/2015>05/04/2015 > Carnival - Folklore and traditions in Meix-devant-Virton (MEIX-DEVANT-VIRTON)

Discover a family carnival which gathers all ages for 3 balls and a large parade. In Meix-devant-Virton, from 04 to 06/04/14!...
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05/04/2015 > 133th Fleurus Cavalcade (FLEURUS)

Admire this folkloric tradition with some twenty groups and about 400 Gilles in an incessant rain of oranges. In Fleurus, from 20 to 21/04/14!...
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05/04/2015>07/04/2015 > 108th Cavalcade and Giants Procession (JEMAPPES)

A cavalcade and a horse-drawn parade. Experience an very popular folkloric event in Wallonia. In Jemappes in April 2015!...
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06/04/2015 > Large Carnival Parade in Herve (HERVE)

The parade is among the most sumptuous in the province of Liège. Harmonies, local and regional floats and other carnival groups. In Herve on 21/04/14....
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12/04/2015 > Carnival - Folklore and traditions in Hotton (HOTTON)

Belgian carnivals are synonymous with exchange, emotions, folklore and joy. Hotton offers you all that and much more, from 12 to 13/04/14!...
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