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Architectural heritage
© OPT / J.P. Rémy
© OPT / J.P. Rémy
© OPT / J.L. Flemal

Programme of events in Namur






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Fosses-la-Ville (5) · Gesves (2) · Namur (46) · Sambreville (3) · Sombreffe (2) · Andenne (7) · Jemeppe-sur-Sambre (2) · Incourt (2) · Beauvechain (2) · Assesse (1) · Floreffe (4) · Jodoigne (2) · Profondeville (1) · Gembloux (1) · Orp - Jauche (1)
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06/03/2016 > The Carnival of the Bears in Andenne (ANDENNE)

A bear carnival? Don't worry, the bear is the town's emblem and the carnival's mascot. Discover both without further hesitation in Andenne in March 2015!...
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06/03/2016>07/03/2016 > The Chinel Carnival in Fosse-la-Ville (FOSSES-LA-VILLE)

Discover this folkloric group known for its colourful disguises with a hump on the back and one the thorax... In Fosse-la-Ville in March 2015!...
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07/03/2016>13/03/2016 > Belgian Cinema Festival in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre (JEMEPPE-SUR-SAMBRE)

Discover our country's great cinema talent. It's always better when you do it yourself! In Jemeppe-sur-Sambre from 10 to 16/03/14....
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03/2016 > Bois & Habitat Fair (NAMUR)

180 exhibitors welcome you to 12000m² where you can find all the possible uses for wood! In Namur from 21 to 24/03/14....
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03/2016 > Be Slow Food 2014 - First Slow Food Fair in Brussels (NAMUR)

Be inspired by the Slow Food movement, where the focus is on "Good, Clean and fair" food. All weekend in Brussels, on 29 and 30/03/14....
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03/2016 > The Bacchus Festival (GESVES)

A new, festive event to celebrate the Gods’ nectar: wine! (re) Discover it at the Ferme du Hoyoux on 25 and 26/05/13....
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16/04/2016 > Folknam: Namur Day of Traditions and Folklore (NAMUR)

Discover the richness and diversity of a traditional folkloric heritage that's full of colour. In Namur on 18 and 19/04/14!...
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