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© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
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© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
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© WBT - Gabriele Croppi

Walloon breweries open their doors to you

Wallonia has some large breweries, such as Dubuisson, Val-Dieu, Bocq, Val de Sambre and Achouffe, but also many small artisan breweries.

© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez

It is sometimes difficult to choose between the reputation certain beers enjoy and the originality of other less well-known ones. So the best thing to do is to taste them all... but in moderation of course!

Visit our region's breweries

They produce an incredible number of beers, each more delicious than the last, and Belgian brewers are proud to show you their produce, their beers and their know-how.

During your visit, the smell of hops, malt and barley will fill the room where the immense beer vats stand before you, working their magic.

Having discovered the secrets of how it’s made, observed the brewing process and inhaled the heady scent of spices or fruit, all that’s left for you to do is taste one of our excellent beers.

Don’t delay – get in touch with the master brewer. He will be delighted to show you around his brewery.

View our selection of breweries



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Houffalize (1) · Malmedy (1) · Yvoir (1) · Couvin (1) · Soignies (1) · Honnelles (1) · Hannut (1) · Habay (1) · Thuin (2) · Bernissart (1) · Liège (2) · Vaux-sur-Sure (1) · Heron (1) · Ath (1) · Mons (1) · Plombières (1) · Binche (1) · Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse (1) · Bouillon (1) · Silly (1) · Dinant (1) · Leuze-en-Hainaut (2) · Écaussinnes (1) · Erquelinnes (1) · Rebecq (1) · Gouvy (1) · Le Roeulx (1) · Cerfontaine (1) · Nassogne (1) · Waterloo (1) · Frasnes-lez-Anvaing (1) · Aubel (1) · Florenville (1) · Tournai (1) · Ottignies - Louvain-la-Neuve (1) · Dour (1) · Brunehaut (1) · Momignies (1) · Peruwelz (1) · Boussu (1) · Tintigny (1)
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Brasserie C | Beers, Brew Pub and regional produce shop in Liège (LIEGE)

In Liège, at the foot the montagne de Bueren, a brewery dedicated solely to regional delights from Wallonia and regional beers awaits you....
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Brasserie de Bastogne - Bastogne Brewery (VAUX-SUR-SURE)

Visit the Bastogne Brewery, where you will have the opportunity to taste beers oozing in character. Those that really reflect the image of the Ardennes region....
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Brasserie de Marsinne - The Marsinne brewery (COUTHUIN)

The Brasserie de Marsinne, located in Couthuin, in the Liège region, is a new brewery with a promising future. Be one of the first to witness it....
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Situated in the remarkable site of the Irchonwelz Castle (a classified Patrimony of the Walloon Region), the Brasserie des Géants produces a number of different artisan beers,...
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Brasse-Temps Microbrewery (MONS)

Before or after the cinema or your shopping trip to Mons, why not enjoy a nice moment at the Brasse-Temps microbrewery and restaurant....
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Located in the little village of Hombourg, the microbrewery "Grain d'Orge" is specialised in exclusive beers production...
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Manufacturing of beers: Binchoise pale and dark, Binchoise Triple, Bière des Ours (honey based), spéciale Noël, Rose (with raspberry juice), Belge...
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