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Festival : Theatre

Brussels Theatre Festival

Brussels Theatre Festival
© benoitjoveneau

20 intense and unusual evenings based on socialising and relationships. A medium-sized festival in Brussels.

This summer, move to the rhythms of glass instruments, the desperate cry of a journalist, the songs of ghastly mermaids, the wheeze of an ogress and burlesque feathers.

Be the first to discover these exceptional shows

20 exceptional evenings, 16 shows, (including 7 premières). Music, dance and, of course, theatre.

The festival's artists develop unique forms and worlds to express their vision of the world we live in.

Artists are special people - as far as creation goes, these people are like gods. This festival is a place for talent scouts!

Talent scouts, yes, but also for the curious and those who invent unique moments. Worlds made of the poetry of unattainable dreams and surrealist utopias.

A perfect recipe for creation

The ephemeral is an art, a puff of wind, a breath. Here, we have a big musical blast of fresh air - a human blast of hot air.

Take a pinch of humour, some zest of madness, a spoonful of talent syrup, mix it all together and let it simmer and you'll have a whole world.

The Brussels festival also has a new bar with snacks, open from 6pm, where you can have a chat and meet the artists.

Welcome, and make way for the creation of a new world!

The complete programme, all information and prices are available on the website and/or from the organisers.


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We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.