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Exhibition : Comic Strip

Tardi and The Great War 1914-2014 - Exhibition in Brussels

Tardi and The Great War 1914-2014 - Exhibition in Brussels
  • Opening periods
    • from Friday 5 September 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014
    • Address:
      Rue Raveinstein 23
      1000 BRUXELLESBelgium

    • MAPS: Google Maps

    A prize-winning, travelling exhibition, dedicated to Tardi and his comic strips, which place the public at the heart of the conflict: “Putain de guerre!” (Goddamn This War!) In BOZAR from 05/09 to 23/11/14.

    Over a 40-year period, through “Putain de guerre!” and “C’était la Guerre des Tranchées” (It Was the War of the Trenches); Tardi has centred his works on the First World War.

    Although his stories remain fictional, the concern of honesty is essential in his work, and summarizes a vision of human conflict, which distinguishes it from a more classic “heroic” vision.

    He is renowned for his rigour of historical reconstruction, thanks to his collaboration with the historian Jean-Pierre Verney.

    Whilst reminding his reader about the striking events that occurred during the first three years of the conflict, he focuses on the daily life of the poilus (French First World War infantrymen) and on the question that the world is asking itself:

    How did the poilus resist? Was it through patriotic belief? A freely consented sacrifice? An outrageous farce? To attempt to respond to this question, the exhibition presents a chronological path from 1914 to 1918.

    This choice of narration, which is open to the public, helps to materialize the progression of the conflict, and thus, unlocks some of the major successions.

    You will also discover the entire collection of illustrations from the two volumes of “Putain de guerre”, in addition to the different stages of Tardi’s work.

    Comic Book Festival

    The official public opening of the exhibition will coincide with the weekend of the Comic Book Festival!


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