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Folklore And Tradition

Street Crossage in Chièvres

Street Crossage in Chièvres
crossage en rue © EVT Beloeil

In Chièvres, as in many other little Walloon villages, there is a centuries old custom, which has gladly been kept alive.
This regional tradition is very similar to the hugely popular medieval game of crossage (butting) or our present-day golf.
Although quite strange, the street crossage is one of the most original and genuine traditions of Wallonia: the aim of the game is to hit a chôlette (a wooden or soft ball), with a rabot (bat), and to hit the barrels of beer which are placed outside each coffee bar...
During daytime players stop in front of each coffee bar, and when evening comes a typically traditional meal is served. And don't forget that a few days before (on 4 March) during the Saumonces, the Prince of Street Crossage will be elected.
From 12 noon in the streets in Chièvres.


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