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Folklore And Tradition : Carnival

"Tchesse aux Macrales" Witch Hunt in Ermeton

"Tchesse aux Macrales" Witch Hunt in Ermeton

Folkloric parody of the often one-sided trials of suspected witches in the 16th century. Fun and self-deprication are guaranteed in Ermeton on 02/03/14.
In the 16th century, Ermeton held 4 witch trials. The inquisition led a frenzied and merciless hunt. All it took was an accusation or even pure fabrication to become a suspect and, therefore, "macrale" or witch.
Since 1998, on every "Dimanche Gras" (Sunday before "Mardi Gras" or Shrove Tuesday), the town of Ermeton revisits this dark period of its history and recreates the trials.
The only aim of proceedings is to have fun... it is a game where morale is the winner. The trials outcomes are also unpredictable, so there's a surprise guaranteed every time!

  • 12pm: Opening of the marquee and sampling of the Tchabotte.
  • 1:30pm: Popular dance of the 'Macrales'.
  • 4pm: fantasy story telling - free entry.
  • 6pm: Gathering - Official opening of the 15th witch hunt (start of the parade, start of the torchlight walk and capture of the witches.
  • 7pm: Witches' trial.
  • 8pm: 'Carnival Party'!


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