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Folklore And Tradition : Carnival

108th Cavalcade and Giants Procession

108th Cavalcade and Giants Procession
Andenne - Carnaval des Ours © WBT - J.L. Flémal

A cavalcade and a horse-drawn parade. Experience an very popular folkloric event in Wallonia. In Jemappes from 05 to 07 April 2015!

A new giant has been added to the parade since the 100th cavalcade: "Dominicienne" has joined Dominique, Dominica and Dominicus.

  • Soumonces of the Gilles and costume parades in the streets of Jemappes. A night parade with torches starting from the "Phare", until the Grand' Place, followed by a rondeau with all the fraternities and a fireworks display on the Grand 'Place.
  • Rondeau of the Gilles societies on the Grand Place, with authorities present. Then a big carnival parade from place du Roi Albert and final Parade of floats, brass bands and horses from the "Levant de Cuesmes" stables on the Grand Place.
  • At 9:30pm: Night parade, with sparklers and flares, leaving from the "Phare", towards the Grand Place and a final rondeau for local societies, with a closing fireworks display.
  • Local societies in burlesque costumes, music and viole de Binche (organ) and burning of the bumps on the Grand Place by the Société Royale des Gilles of Jemappes.

But why is Jemappe's first giant called Dominique?

In the 19th century, the "Dominique" was another name for the monthly salary. In those days, coins had an inscription in latin: "domine salvum fac regem".

The town of Jemappe called its first giant Dominique in the hope that it would help them to collect money for people in need.

Joy and folklore are the keywords of this festive event!


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