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Folklore And Tradition : Religion

Magdalene Folkloric March in Jumeth

Magdalene Folkloric March in Jumeth
© marche de la Madeleine

The Magdalene Tour on Jumet is a religious procession escorted by military societies and their brass bands. Heritage recognised by UNESCO!

How the March works

Every year on the Sunday closest to 22nd July sees Saint-Mary Magdalene's Day. 

2000 marchers and pilgrims, in addition to 150 horsemen, accompanied by 50 brass bands and drums, leave the Heigne Chapel in Jumet for a journey of 22 kilometres through neighbouring communes.

A particularly special moment of the march is the tère al Danse.

The Legend of Saint Mary Magdalene

The legend says that in 1380, a plague epidemic devastated the region, sapring no-one, not even the Lady of the Manor. The inhabitants of the hamlet organised a procession to pray for a cure. 

Whilst they were crossing a field in Thiméon, a horseman announced that the Lady of the Manor had been cured and that the disease had miraculously disappeared. On this announcement of good news, the pilgrims started to dance, full of joy! Since then, the prayer, witness to this well-known triumph, bears the name of "Tèere al Danse".

Its origins

Religious origins from the Middle Ages and strongly marked by the Napoleonic Era, the Folkloric Marches continued to evove during the 20th century to become what they are today.

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How the Marches work

Each year from May to September

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse Marches are inscribed on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


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