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Folklore And Tradition

The Hurlus Festival

The Hurlus Festival
© MDT Picardie

Although this festival is only around 30 years old, its roots go right back to the wars of religion in the 16th century.
Friday evening: parade.
From early Saturday morning the Grand Place begins to swell as the people of the town gather to see the traditional groups, drum majorettes, travelling tradesmen, musicians and artisans.
The main square soon holds hundreds of bowlers, adding to the French Provençal atmosphere.
The festivities continue in good cheer until Sunday afternoon to the rhythm of the drums and the music of trumpets.

Don't miss the main event on Sunday afternoon!

The main attraction of this festival takes place on Sunday afternoon when the Hurlers are thrown from the top of long ladders in the Grand Place onto thousands of outstretched hands, (these Hurlers symbolise the Lutherans who terrorised the town in the sixteenth century).
New : historic parade on Saturday, 4 pm.
Sunday: throwing of the Hurlus in the Grand'Place from the balcony of the Town Hall at 5:30pm
For further information please contact: Syndicat d'initiative, Place Kasiers 15, 7700 Mouscron.


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