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Event : Jazz

La Boite de Jazz - The Jazzbox: the year's extraordinary jazz event for €20

La Boite de Jazz - The Jazzbox: the year's extraordinary jazz event for €20
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  • Opening periods
    • from Friday 27 September 2013 to Sunday 12 October 2014
    • Address:
      Around Brussels: contact the organiser for further details.

    A new travelling show in Belgium's squares. Discover it in Brussels from 27/09/13 to 12/10/14!

    A huge black box is set up in the square, like a UFO that's landed out of nowhere...

    What's it about?

    Only one small, closed door hides the secret. Once night falls, the sign lights up: La Boite de Jazz - the Jazz Nightclub!

    It can hold up to 100 people and will start touring through Belgium on 27 September!

    In Wallonia and Brussels, no province will be forgotten by this unmissable event.

    On stage will be the famous Jacques Mercier accompanied by Stéphane Mercier on the saxophone.

    Charles Loos will be on the Piano and and a singer and two comedians will also be present.

    The main aim of the show is to immerse you in this musical world and make Jazz music, which is often seen as 'elitist', accessible to all.

    Do you know the magic words to open the door?

    Then welcome to the world of a real New Orleans night club where you can undertake an educational and artistic journey through the history of jazz.

    A show lasting an hour and a half mixing music, words, and special effects with a unique décor!

    That's why the ticket price is such a good deal: €25!

    An event not to be missed!

    All-in deal

    La Boite de Jazz can be privately hired for €7500 by companies.
    If you just want the show then prices start at €2500.
    Between €2500 and €7500 it's up to you: 1/2/3 open bar or drinks ticket per person or other.
    A very flexible deal.

    The jazz night club will also appear in Wallonia!


    • tel. : +32 (0) 2 346 93 93


    • tel. : +32 (0) 2 346 93 93
    • website :

    We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.