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Festival : Theatre

La cerise sur le gâteau - Café-théâtre, comedy and music festival

La cerise sur le gâteau - Café-théâtre, comedy and music festival
© François Leboutte

A café-théâtre festival whose strong points are the varied schedule and the intimate and warm atmosphere. Discover it in Uccle, from 13 to 22/02/14.

Whether they are from the North of Belgium, the South, or even further South, it's talent that unites the actors, singers, and musicians for this 16th edition!

On the schedule this year:

  • 13/02 at 8:30pm - Celui qui se moque du crocodile n'a pas traversé la rivière (He who makes fun of the crocodile, hasn't crossed the river)
  • 14/02 at 8:30pm - Julie Roses
  • 15/02 at 8:30pm - One Trick Po + Lylac
  • 16/02 at 4pm - Les Misérables - comedy drama duo
  • 18/02 at 8:30pm - Riguelle
  • 20/02 at 8:30pm - Véronique Gallo : "Tout doit sortir"
  • 21/02 at 8:30pm - Coming Out
  • 22/02 at 8:30pm - Sarah Letor

An attractive price

Once again, this festival will host a diverse range of shows for a very attractive price!

A "pass" allows you to watch several shows or come as a family or with friends to one or more evenings.

Seize this great opportunity to appreciate a host of artists, both experienced and up and coming.

In practice

Single tickets:
Adults - €15, under 26s - €12
Pass: Adults - €54, under 26s - €38
€1.5 reservation fee for tickets, €2 for a pass.

"Omnithéâtre" subscribers have the right to a free show, included in their subscription, for up to 50 tickets per show. Once this quota is reached, they are invited to choose a different show.


  • tel. : +32 (0) 2 374 64 84


  • tel. : +32 (0) 2 374 64 84
  • website :
  • email :



We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.