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Event : Game

AVATAR - The Belgian National Role Playing Game!

AVATAR - The Belgian National Role Playing Game!

Lead nations, command armies, conquer all becomes possible with AVATAR! In Bernissart and Hensies from 28 to 31/07/16.

It is unique in Belgium!

You have the opportunity to discover life-size characters from all role playing game universes. The game enables you to freely interpret, in a parallel universe, an avatar that is the creation of your favourite character.

You are, therefore, playing as a dreamlike representation of your favourite role, without it having any repercussions from one universe to the next.

AVATAR is, above all, a place where hundreds of participants play together in a vast market, fight in team tournaments, feast in the warm, friendly atmospheres of the taverns and exchange their stories.

The game's concept

AVATAR is an unmissable annual event in the world of role playing games, both in Belgium and Europe in general. As well as the warm and friendly atmosphere, the event offers:

  • A place for players from Belgium and abroad to come together for a weekend,
  • a fantasy medieval world, made specially for the occasion,
  • simple rules to interpret your character in the freest way possible,
  • a market that's specialised in the production of life-sized role playing games, new equipment and second-hand too.

Who is this event for?

  • Players aged 12 years and over, beginners or experts alike,
  • families (a creche will be present on site, bookings obligatory),
  • to exhibitors (middle-ages and role playing exhibitors).

AVATAR is an entertaining and educational pass-time, that is linked to contemporary culture... don't miss it!


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