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Event : Gastronomy

L'Art dans l'Assiette - Art on a plate!

L'Art dans l'Assiette - Art on a plate!
© Art dans l'assiette 2013
  • Opening periods
    • from Monday 5 October 2015 to Tuesday 10 November 2015
    • Address:
      Around Wallonia: contact the organiser for further details.

    A culinary art adventure! 18 artists link up with 18 chefs to showcase gastronomy in their own way! In Wallonie Picarde in October 2014!

    Witness amazing encounters between artists and chefs, their personal creations and the fruit of their collaboration.

    18 different worlds reveal themselves before your very eyes and to your taste buds: wooden dishes, drawn menus, painted tables, pieces and portraits...

    • "L'Art dans l'assiette" is 5 weeks long and stretches to all four corners of Wallonie picarde (Western Hainaut), with restaurants in Ath, Beloeil, Brunehaut, Chièvres, Comines Warneton, Ellezelles, Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, Mouscron, Silly and Tournai!
    • a complete pocket-sized programme has been created with the details of each of the restaurants and the names of each of the artists
    • 2 competitions and some specials evenings: some restaurant owners will be offering special evenings to their customers. These lucky few will get the chance to meet the chef and artist who have collaborated, who will explain their work!

    Discover the list of 31 chefs and artists here.

    The first edition was a huge success and the second promises to be even better!

    The artists and chefs have allied the pleasure of taste and the pleasure of sight, so why not enjoy yourself.


    • website :

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    We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.