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Contest/Competition : Cars

The 2014 Tour de Belgique - Automobile Rally

The 2014 Tour de Belgique - Automobile Rally
© Tour de Belgique
  • Opening periods
    • from Friday 18 November 2016 to Sunday 20 November 2016 (Only on: Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    • Address:
      Around Wallonia: contact the organiser for further details.

    Experience this 3rd edition, designed entirely from the perspective of regularity rallying for old cars. In Wallonia from 14 to 16/11/14!

    New for the 2014 Tour de Belgique:

    • The coming of a rally for gentlemen drivers, as opposed to gentlemen racers...
    • Participation in the rally will be 100 euros cheaper,
    • The route has been completely redesigned!

    Cars taking part in the rally will have to have been built before 31/12/1981, but after 31/12/74.

    Leaving the door open for Youngtimers, which are always more numerous as they are generally more accessible...

    A new route, of which has already been completed for 2014!

    And as announced, the Tour de Belgique will be taking place on the Jules Tacheny circuit in Mettet.

    The Saturday morning will see the race heading for Florenne followed by Chimay, with a timed stage on the circuit.

    The competitors will then discover the Ardennes "Pôle Mécanique", with an........................................

    After a detour of around 60km in France, the convoy rejoins Rochehaut to then leave Liège via Marche-en-Famenne, for a lively arrival in the Princes-Evêques Palace courtyard in Liège at around 7pm.

    The last stage of the Tour will pass through Hesbaye, before heading back through Francorchamps via Aywaille, Trois-Ponts, Stavelot and Malmedy.

    This vintage 2014 edition is quite simply outstanding and will attract the most elite of old car regularity rally fans!

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    • website :

    We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.