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Event : Folklore

Journée Annuelle des Confréries - Annual Brotherhood Day

Journée Annuelle des Confréries - Annual Brotherhood Day

In Maredsous, around 100 Belgian brotherhoods will introduce you to their ancestral local products which will be honoured.

The Grand Council of Gastronomic and Cultural Traditions of Wallonia and Brussels-Capital Region represents 132 gastronomic brotherhoods.

Their main aim is to protect ancestral and local products.

To date, 132 brotherhoods are affiliated to the Grand Council:

  • Brabant: 18, of which 5 are in the Brussels region
  • Hainaut: 13
  • Liège: 50
  • Belgian Luxembourg: 20
  • Namur: 31

The origins

The term "CONFRÉRIE" appeared in the 13th century to denote a group of individuals united by any link.

The term has long had a medieval connotation and became mere folklore in the 19th-century.

At the start of the 1970s, the television boom caused a change in human relations which led to greater individualism. Consequently, the oral exchange of information, experiences and traditions declined.

This change worried many people, and in order to counter it they gathered together in associations formed around a common bond, such as local gastronomic and cultural tradition.

Bearing the reputation of their city, maintaining and reviving the traditions of daily life and forging friendship links with those who have similar aspirations are the main driving forces of the brotherhood movement.


  • website : http://www.confré

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