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Event : Gastronomy

Dinner in the Sky: 22 seats, 1 starred chef, and a crane in Liège!

Dinner in the Sky: 22 seats, 1 starred chef, and a crane in Liège!
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  • Opening periods
    • from Monday 2 June 2014 to Sunday 29 June 2014
    • Address:

      1000 BRUXELLESBelgium

    • MAPS: Google Maps

    A stunning opportunity to discover gastronomic cuisine with a unique view from high in the Ardent city sky. In Liège in September 2014.

    Dinner in the sky welcomes 22 guests for extraordinary lunches and dinners prepared by famous chefs.

    Dinner in the sky will take possession of the Liège sky opposite the Opéra Royal de Wallonie and will welcome to its kitchens 7 of the best Walloon chefs who, between them, have 8 Michelin stars!

    • Sang-Hoon Degeimbre - L'Air du Temps,
    • Pierre Résimont - L'Eau Vive,
    • Arabelle Meirlaen - Cuisine Intuitive,
    • Eric Martin - Lemmonier,
    • Christophe Pauly - Le Coq aux Champs,
    • Vincent Gardinal - Le Prieuré Saint Géry,
    • and Philippe Fauchet - Philippe Fauchet

    Every day, one of these fine chefs will delight the taste buds of 22 guests, for lunch (12:30pm) and two dinners (7:30pm and 9:30pm), with each meal as surprising and original as the next.

    This exceptional event is a unique chance to discover Walloon gastronomy in the most extraordinary way possible, as 22 guests and 1 talented chef have an unforgettable gourmet experience in the Liège sky.

    It also offers them a unique view of Liège and its surroundings as they savour rare dishes and fine wines.

    Dinner in the sky, it's a delicious, dizzying and breathtaking experience!

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