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Exhibition : Society

Georges Cuisenaire, or the extraordinary adventure of Numbers in Colour

Georges Cuisenaire, or the extraordinary adventure of Numbers in Colour
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Exhibition dedicated to this man and his invention: numbers in colour. Discover an extraordinary man in Thuin, 07/09 to 19/04/14!

Georges Cuisenaire (1891-1976) was a teacher who invented Numbers in Colour. He is now famous around the world.

His method is very sensory and is based on a structured connection between numbers, colours and little sticks called "réglettes" (sticks representing the numbers from 1 to 10, often known as "Cuisenaire rods").

It was developed and experimented with for a long time in the schools of Thuin and revolutionised maths teaching. The rods are easy to use and made maths much easier to understand.

A revolutionary method

It was finalized in the wake of the Second World War and soon adopted by teachers around the world.

Georges Cuisenaire was invited to present his discoveries several times in Europe and Canada, in both scientific symposiums and at prestigious universities.

This exhibition not only features a portrait of this exceptional man from Thuin using images and objects, but also an in-depth presentation of his method and the reception he received around the world.

In March 2014, an afternoon symposium will be dedicated to the subject.

Cuisenaire, in sum

Born in Quaregnon, he studied at the École Normale de l'État and Mons Conservatoire.

He became a teacher in Thuin in 1911.

In 1934, he became the director of education for this town and founded the École Industrielle.

Discover this man, this history.


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