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Fashionable Neighbourhoods : Fashion & Design

Saint-Jacques "Hype and Gay"

Saint-Jacques "Hype and Gay"
© WBT - Thomas Blairon

Home to the Manneken-Pis, Brussels' most famous little inhabitant, the Saint-Jacques district is a bit like him.

One thing is for sure: the weather is always great at Saint-Jacques: outside on the terraces at the first sign of spring, or inside, in the warmth of the trendy cafés and stylish restaurants.

A centre for the city's craftsmen in the 12th century, the area housed a hospital, placed under the patronage of Saint-Jacques.

You can literally find everything here. Trendy fashion, vintage, artistic and sophisticated gadgets, book stores, comic strips and music... As for clothing, diversity is the first of the many qualities in this part of town, which nonchalantly mixes styles and tastes.


Prive Joke
76/78 rue Marché aux Charbons

29 rue des Pierres
4 rue des Grands Carmes

9 rue de l'Hôpital

13 rue du Lombard

Bernard Gavilan
27 rue des Pierres

Ramon & Valy
19 rue des Teinturiers

Lady Paname
5 rue des Grands Carmes

62 rue Marché aux Charbons

People Shoes Design
14 rue du Lombard

Le Paradis de la Babouche
10/12 rue des Teinturiers

100% DECO!

Emery & Cie
25, 27, 29 rue de l'Hôpital

Rosalie Pompon
1 rue de l'Hôpital

100% Design
2 rue du Lombard

100% Music - Comic books

7 rue du Chêne

100 bld Anspach

Enigmes/Espaces Tintin
43/45 rue de l'Etuve

La Bulle d'Or
124 bld Anspach

Le Dépôt
108/110 rue du Midi

Multi BD
126/128 bld Anspach

Multi Jeunesse
122 bld Anspach

39 rue du Midi

Staying in STYLE
5 rue du Duquesnoy
Tel: +32(0)2 505 55 55 or

At the Royal Windsor Hotel, you'll be able to sleep in one of the "Fashion Rooms". You can chose from the following fashion designers: Jean-Paul Knott, Mademoiselle Lucien, Gérald Watelet, Marina Yee, Haider Ackermann, Pascale Kervan, Nina Meert, Romy Smits, Kaat Tilley and Nicolas Woit.


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