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Fashionable Neighbourhoods : Fashion & Design

Rue du Bailli - Place du Châtelain - Place Brugmann "Original and Precious"

Rue du Bailli - Place du Châtelain - Place Brugmann "Original and Precious"
© WBT - Thomas Blairon

Between the chic Bois de la Cambre and the Palais de Justice and next to the Eglise de la Trinité, is rue du Bailli, gateway to a very special area.

It's not surprising that Brussels' designers have felt a magnetic attraction to this haven of elegance: Horta and Hankar, masters of Art Nouveau, were there before them, here and there marking the façades with their enchanting graffitti. Bailli/Châtelain is particularly interesting to explore: Belgian and other labels.

Here, style reaches the peak of perfect simplicity... The fashion tour continues on its way towards a real gem: place Brugmann. This quietly unassuming Art Deco and Art Nouveau influenced district is a delightful revelation.

100% Brussels Design

66 rue du Bailli,
Greta Marta
58 rue de l'Aqueduc,
Mais Il Est Où Le Soleil ?
38 place du Châtelain,
Mademoiselle Lucien - exclusive couture
48 rue A. Campenhout,
19 rue du Page.
Unique tailor-made creations for marriages and all other events. You'll find them in a few select places in the capital.


Les Précieuses
20 place Brugmann
Sabine Herman
86 Rue Faider

100% Trendy!

Smadja - homme et femme
21-22 avenue Louis Lepoutre,
93-95 rue du Bailli - 1050 Bruxelles,
Lola Botica
69 rue du Bailli,
Cachemire, Coton et Soie
53 rue Franz Merjay - 1050 Bruxelles,
Graphie Sud
195 rue Berkendael,
16 place Brugmann.

100% Sensual

41 rue du Bailli.

Deco and Design

Galerie "Puls"
4 place du Châtelain,
90 rue Tenbosch,
90-92 rue du Mail,
56-58 rue de l'Aqueduc,
80 rue Washington,
90a rue de Washington.

Specialist Bookshops

Peinture Fraîche
10 rue du Tabellion,
Place Voltaire Librairie
101 rue de l'Aqueduc.

Belgian Gastronomy

15 rue du Bailli.

Specialist Flowers

60 rue A. Campenhout,
118 avenue Louis Lepoutre.



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