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An Adventure for You and Your Children: Le Sortilège (the Spell)
© - Dallemagne
An Adventure for You and Your Children: Le Sortilège (the Spell)
© - Dallemagne
An Adventure for You and Your Children: Le Sortilège (the Spell)
© - Dallemagne

Experience, with your children, the adventure of Le Sortilège, an epic game that combines, fun, puzzles and teamwork in a medieval fantasy world.

Sortilè is a great adventure for families or groups of friends. It's a funway of learning, in harmony with nature in a 22ha stretch of wood in Brussels.

Extras for your children

  • Sortilè is the ideal place to celebrate your birthday,
  • themed days: late evening openings, grandparents days, single parent days, schools and groups,
  • The Enchantment of Sortilè the possibility to organise your very own Sortilège near you! Prices are available on request.

Children aged 3 to 6 years old love

  • Wandering through nature,
  • being just like the older kids and surmounting over obstacles,
  • climbing a ladder or challenging Dad to a swordfight to the death!

Children aged 6 to 12 years old love

  • Finding their way using a map,
  • solving puzzles,
  • meeting and fighting fantasy characters like a knight and a witch,
  • spicing up the adventure a little by choosing the "6 daughters of Heydeken the farmer." a tree-climbing and tree-swinging route where all the clues can be found up in the trees around 3 to 4m off the ground. Minimum height necessary - 1m50 arms raised.

Teenagers love

  • Becoming a character in the story, a goblin or a barbarian to avoid the traps laid down for them along the route,
  • climbing into the trees and crossing the monkey bridges, giant jumps, zip lines...


From the 13th April 2013 until All Saints Day from 1pm until 6:30pm.

You are advised to arrive at 4pm for the last departure.

Consult the schedule on the website (Schedule in French, English site under construction).


  • tel. : +32 (0) 2 332 04 28
  • website :
  • email :

Le Sortilège (the Spell), an Epic Outdoor Adventure Game in Brussels (NEDER-OVER-HEEMBEEK)

Have an adventure in a game for everyone, combining fun, problem-solving and team spirit in a fantastic medieval world in Brussels....
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Val du Bois des Béguines
Trassersweg 420
Tel.+32 (0) 2 332 04 28

We are not responsible for any price changes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.