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Jeanneke & Zinneke, the Manneken Pis's neighbours

Jeanneke & Zinneke, the Manneken Pis's neighbours
© WBT - J.P. Remy - sculpture de Tom Frantzen

Jeanneke Pis is the Manneken Pis's female friend. Zinneke Pis is their canine companion. Discover them in Brussels.

Everyone knows the famous Manneken Pis who has sat enthroned on his fountain since the 17th century, and even since the 14th century if you count the original version.

But did you know that two other, much more modern, statues live in the streets of Brussels?

  • Jeanneke Pis is the Manneken's female friend. Squatting down and naked, this little lady is also urinating in the Impasse de la Fidélité. She was created by the sculptor Debrouvie and was erected in the city in 1987.
  • Zinneke Pis is the canine companion of Manneken and Jeanneke. You can visit the statue of this dog at the corner where the Rue des Chartreux meets the Rue du Vieux Marché. Zinneke has been urinating against a post since 1998 and was designed by Tom Frantzen.

How to get there

Jeanneke: Metros 1 & 5, De Brouckère.
Zinneke: Metros 1 & 5, De Brouckère.