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Visit : Brewery

Traditional Brewery "La Frasnoise"

Traditional Brewery "La Frasnoise"
© Bruno Delroisse
  • Address:
    Rue Basse 5

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The artisan Frasnoise brewery is situated at the foot of the Frasnes-lez-Buissenal hills. Discover a traditional beer.

  • Visiting the Pays des Collines
  • a new brewery, full of promise.

The Frasnes Brewery

In the west of the Hainaut province, at the heart of the Pays des Collines (land of hills), a group of passionate beer lovers had the idea to create a little brewery that used traditional brewing methods for high-fermentation beers with a second fermentation in their bottle.

Beers brewed with passion

Come and taste the Frasnoise where it is made, in an authentic brewery with soul in an idyllic setting: a little, paved courtyard in blue stone and a old brick building, all lovingly restored to the standards required for a brewery.

New beers are being created every day at the Frasnoise brewery. Open since only 2004, they best is yet to come from this brewery.

Useful information

Visits and tasting sessions at the Frasnoise artisan brewery must be booked in advance.

Cold, crisp and full of flavour, come down to the Frasnoise artisan brewery.

RESTAURANT Cafeteria Shop


  • tel. : +32 (0) 495 42 60 38
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