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Visit : Chocolate Maker

The Maison des desserts, chocolate-makers in Jucorne-Fronville

Discover Namur's tastes at the Maison des Desserts, a tea parlour hidden behind a sumptuous facade in Namur style architecture dating back to the 17th century.

The Maison des Desserts has been carrying on the family tradition in Hucorne

  • since 1946
  • desserts, chocolates, macaroons…
  • the restaurant

The Fronville chocolate factory was created in 1946 by Madame Fronville, Monsieur Etienne de Hucorne's aunt, who passed on the company to her nephew.

From Charlotte cake to forêt-noire, javanais and moka, from polka to Rops, from Vauban to zen… there is something for every taste. The Maison des Desserts is specialised in Macaroons. You can have them made on the spot with apricot, cassis, lemon, chocolate, coconut, tiramisu, spéculoos, gingerbread, etc.

The chocolate factory also offers boxes of classic or original pralines with peanuts, cashew nuts, cherries, Cointreau, almonds, ganache, etc. But don't miss the Chocolaterie de Hucorne - Fronville speciality, known as "biétrumé".

Biétrumé is an exclusive chocolate by the Hucorne company made of cooked crème fraiche and grilled nuts. It comes in two flavours: butter and chocolate.

Feel like breakfast in a stylish venue?

The Maison des Desserts is the ideal place. You can binge on pastries, breads and cakes, or if you prefer a savoury brunch choose between scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, to be washed down with a glass or two of champagne.

The Maison des Desserts restaurant welcomes you with a sweet and savoury menu in different settings: classical, lounge, winter garden or terrace.


  • tel. : +32 (0) 81 22 74 51
  • fax : +32 (0) 81 23 15 48
  • email :

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