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Tourist route - Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge - Bastogne - Route 2

The Battle of the Bulge - Bastogne - Route 2

In their rest area near Reims, on 17 December 1944, the paratroopers of the US 101st Airborne Division were put in a state of alert.
They were rushed by road to the Ardennes battle zone to stop the advance of the German troops towards Bastogne, and to defend the main routes leading to the town.
Meanwhile, units of the 50th Panzer Army, flanked the town from the north and the south. Bastogne and its defenders finally found themselves surrounded by the enemy.
Nonetheless, under heavy German artillery fire, little by little the American units managed to broaden "the corridor" through the German lines. The battle of Bastogne would last until January 17th 1945 and Bastogne is also the starting point of this route.
Itinerary: This route starts at Bastogne, and goes through the following towns and villages: Bizory, Recogne, Noville, Mageret, Neffe, Marvie, Villers-La-Bonne-Eau, Assenois, Senonchamps, Hemroulle, Champs, Longchamps and finally back Bastogne (Place Merceny).

Worth Seeing

Original Museum: a museum dedicated to the Ardennes, its fauna, ancient tools, and to the civilians and soldiers from the battle for Bastogne. Rue de Neufchâteau 20 - 6600 BASTOGNE - 061/21 27 89.
Maison Mathelin: a historical and archaeological museum where you can discover Bastogne from prehistoric times to the dramatic winter of 44 - 45. Rue G. Delperdange 1, 6600 BASTOGNE - 061/21 32 87.
Piconrue Museum: presenting the traditions and popular beliefs of the Ardennes, as well as religious artefacts and treasures. Place St. Pierre 24, 6600 BASTOGNE - 061/21 56 14.
La Ferme des Bisons (The Bison Farm) and its exhibition where you can discover Native American Indian culture, traditions and craft. Recogne, 6600 BASTOGNE - 061-21 06 40.

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