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Tourist route - Battle of the Bulge



The breakthrough of the German 6th panzer army - Composed of Waffen SS divisions famous for their fanaticism and savagery, the 6th Panzer Army, commanded by Field-Marshal Sepp Dietrich, received the order to cross the Meuse between Huy and Liège. The spearhead of the attack would be a Kampfgruppe (Task Force) of 1. SS commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Joachim Peiper. Although surprised by the start of the offensive, the American units reacted vigorously to restore their lines of defence, and managed to inflict a considerable delay to the push. The Kampfgruppe Peiper was finally stopped at La Gleize. The 12th, 2nd and 9th SS Panzer was also stopped. The breakthrough of the 6th Panzer Army was brought to a stop.

Itinerary: This route starts at Henri Chapelle, and runs through the villages and towns of Eupen, Elsenborn, Krinkelt-Rocherath, Büllingen, Bütgenbach, Baugnez, Ligneuville, Saint Vith, Poteau, Vielsalm, Grand Halleux, Neufmoulin, Trois-Ponts and finally La Gleize.
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Worth seeing :
American Cemetery, Rue du Mémorial, 4852 Hombourg - 087/68 71 73.
The Town Museum presents reconstructions of the interiors of houses of the wool-production era in the 17th and 18th centuries. Rue Gospert 52 - 4700 EUPEN - 087/74 00 05.
The Jacques Chocolate Factory where visitors can learn about the history and manufacture of chocolate; visit the production floor and see the collection of old equipment. Rue de l'Industrie 16 - 4700 EUPEN - 087/59 29 67.
The "Archéoscope du Pays de Salm" presents mysterious legends of the Vielsalm forest and its subterranean wealth, as well as the history of the Salm area. Av. de la Salm 50 - 6690 VIELSALM - 080/21 57 68.

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