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Charleroi and its museums

The Charleroi region is also a hotbed of artistic talent, as the Museum of Fine Arts in Charleroi clearly shows.

The Museum of Fine Arts or MBArts mainly houses works from well-known 19th and 20th-century regional and Walloon artists. Among these big names, there are works by Navez, Portaels, Paulus, Darville, Magritte and Delvaux.

Not to be missed! The MBArts' new layout, designed by architect and set designer Frédéric de Smedt.


Charleroi and its museums, from photography to conteporary art

The B.P.S. 22, space for contemporary creation for the Province of Hainaut. Located on a remarkable listed industrial site, the B.P.S.22 offers contemporary art exhibitions and events dedicated to a wide range of artistic and aesthetic disciplines.

The BPS 22 is destined to become a permanent museum housing the Province of Hainaut's collection of ancient and contemporary art, featuring over 6,000 works.

A building extension, planned for 2013, will allow B.P.S 22  to become the cultural and artistic hub for Charleroi. 

The Museum of Photography, in the former Carmelite monastery in Mont-sur-Marchienne with its beautiful extension, is quite simply the only one of its kind in Europe.

In the Place Charles II, the Saint-Christophe Basilica towers overhead and Charleroi's City Hall dating from 1936, is a fantastic example of Art Deco.

In the City Hall's attics, you can visit the Jules Déstrée Museum where you can find out about the life of Jules Destrée, the man of a hundred faces and major public figure (booking required).

Did you know that it was here, in Charleroi, that René Magritte met Georgette, his wife and muse?