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Second day of the girls' weekend in Brussels

The second day in Brussels will be spent vintage shopping, strolling through the Marolles neighbourhood and visiting 2 iconic museums.

After a spot of vintage shopping you'll stroll through the heart of the popular Marolles neighbourhood then visit two of Brussels' most iconic museums. In the evening you'll treat yourself to a delicious dinner with your friends.

Brunch with the girls in the Marolles neighbourhood

Waking up is tough. Good grief! 

We all freshen up and soon we're ready to start our second day in Brussels.

As it's not very early, we decide to start with brunch to gather our strength.

We agree on the Blabla & Gallery at the heart of the Marolles. A classic spot, ideal for brunch in the middle of the "new generation of Bruxellois". We make sure we try the house speciality: lemon meringue tart.

Hunting for bargains at the flea market


The Marolles is a lively neighbourhood which is the soul of Brussels. On rue Haute and rue Blaes, we discover many vintage boutiques. While in the place du Jeu de balle, the famous daily flea market draws us in like a magnet.

On Sunday, the neighbourhood seems to have been abandonded by its residents, the typical Brussels locals, and is swamped by bargain hunters and flea market lovers.

We can't resist the charm of the vintage shops and their windows, each more beautiful than the one before!

Brussels Art for the ladies - surrealism and museums aplenty

We continue up to the Sablon, symbolic headquarters of antiques dealers and chocolatiers and turn left up rue de la Régence, towards the Place Royale.

It's impossible to come to Brussels without visiting some of the many museums. So, we decide to visit the Royal Museums of Fine Arts to see the Musée Oldmasters Museum (Museum of Ancient Art) where we quench our thirst for culture! Large, sublime paintings from the 15th and 18th century are streched out before us. Bosch, Rubens, Bruegel... Needless to say, this museum is a real gem!

On leaving the museum, Marie insists that we visit the BELvue Museum, "You can laugh, girls, but we have to find out about Belgium's history!" And she's right! So we're en route for the Place des Palais where we discover this magnificent 18th-century building. We're enthralled by the rich and eventful history of this little country. It goes without saying that Belgium is truly astounding!


After our cultural stroll, we decide to go to a nice restaurant, for a more quiet evening than the night before... but...

Ladies, tonight we're dining out in Brussels!

This evening, we've decided to take it a little easier and, seeing as the sun is out and it's still warm, we set off to start the evening in the Saint-Boniface neighbourhood.

The choice of terraces in the neighbourhood is huge so we start with Ultime Atome.

For dinner, naturally all five of us can't agree. We can't decide between three of the neighbourhood's classics: Italian restaurant Mano à Mano, the brasserie le clan des Belges and the Deuxième Elément Thai restaurant.

In the end, we head to the second one as the other two are already full. We don't regret it! The dishes are delicious and there's a very original prohibition atmosphere with 20s gangsters.

It's great to know that there's a huge choice of restaurants in Brussels where you can taste cuisine from all over the world.