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Third day of the girls' weekend in Brussels

For their third day, the ladies decide to find a panoramic view of Brussels with a trip to the Atomium, Belgium's most symbolic & unmissable monument.

An original guided tour!


For our last day, we're looking for an original and fun guided tour of the city. With Voir et Dire Bruxelles and Itinéraires, we have a wide range of possible tours, each more exciting than the last.


As we're fans, we opt for "Sex and the City of Love: Brussels" tour offered by Itinéraires. Our guide takes us round town, showing us the haunts of famous people. Better still! We had fun trying to understand their relationships and talking about love... we had such a great time!


After that great adventure, we know we made a good decision by choosing to take a three-day weekend and stay in Brussels until Monday. We haven't even seen the Atomium yet! We have a quick bite to eat and jump on the metro towards Heysel Plateau.

It's a good job we gave ourselves a long weekend in Brussels, girls, we haven't even seen the Atomium yet!


A visit to the Atomium: a retro-vintage journey

We've only just left the station when the Atomium, Brussels' famous, futuristic 9-sphered structure comes into view.

Wow. We're going up to the very top sphere for a panoramic view of Brussels!

The permanent exhibition about the 1958 World Expo, for which the Atomium was built, is absolutely fascinating.

A visit to the Mini-Europe Park that we can see from our vantage point is extremely tempting. All those miniature representations of European monuments are one of Brussels' tourist highlights.

The girls' weekend in Brussels is almost finished... see you soon!

Sophie and Muriel are dragging their feet like little girls, insisting that we finish our break in the capital of Europe by visiting Mini-Europe. Unfortunately, its already almost time to leave.

You know what, girls? We'll come back to Brussels very soon, in the spring or after the summer holidays and I promise that we'll start with Mini-Europe!

In any case, there's still so much to see and so many lovely neighbourhoods to discover. Next time, we'll visit Brussels by bike with Voir et dire Bruxelles, and we'll set off again in search of culture. And that's not all; there are still lots of shops and great trips to plan... we already can't wait to return just by thinking about it!